About keeb Deals

About the project

Keeb Deals is a project for unify all the items what you can buy in Custom mechanical keyboards world, groupbuys and not groupbuys. I feel odd to search and navigate 10-15 pages to get what's available in Europe(in my case). This project porpuse is for indexing the shops or groupbuys links for buying whatever you need.

Why I should contribute?

Actually you won't but this project is for the community and will be amazing if is maintaned by the community. I(Nirzhuk) want to create something special and useful for the community.

If you're a groupbuy runner, shop or maybe just someone selling good stock of anything can benefit you to bring your links here. This website it only indexes something, imagine google for custom keyboards that's why everyone needs to help.

Discord community

Made with a custom keyboard by Nirzhuk and the contributors from github